Introducing Vehicle Ads on Google

The internet has become a go-to resource for almost any question. When it comes to anything from quitting smoking to buying a new car, you can find the answer and more on the web. However, for people to visit these sites, they have been slowly moving towards mobile browsing. This change in the platform has made large parts of Google’s website inaccessible and Vehicle Ads on Google.

For example, if you wanted to view these websites, you would have to search for them manually or use a mobile-friendly website. However, this shift in browsing has made Google’s Google vehicle ads platform the go-to for advertising and marketing on the internet.

Google “vehicle ads” cars are many examples of how Google is looking at the automobile industry in different ways. For example, companies like Ford and GM have been working with Google to use their technology to increase sales.

“Vehicle ads” can be an example of how companies like Ford and GM use Google’s technology.

What are vehicle ads?

Google launched the vehicle ad in March 2022 at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). This new ad format is a way for people to buy and sell cars across the United States on Google. The cars that you find here are available in your area. These vehicles can be anything from a Ford Focus to a Mercedes Benz AMG.

For example, if someone searches for a 2020 SUV, they can find a list of available SUV options across the United States. Pictures of the vehicles from the search are displayed with the necessary information like the make and model, style, mileage, and location. Once users select a car, the ad will direct them to your website, where they can fill out a lead form. This then allows them to contact your dealership about the vehicle. You can then contact the potential buyer and make an offer for the vehicle.

One of the ways that Google uses to track information about your searches is with Google’s cookies. These cookies are stored in your computer, allowing Google to see data such as the websites you visit, your traffic patterns, and even how you type. Because of this, it allows Google to present these vehicles that are available in your area on their website.

How do vehicle ads work?

Google’s vehicle ads are completely different from most other car advertisements on the internet.

Merchant Center provides advertisers with a 1,000-series lookup on all U.S.-based ads, matching specific vehicles based on their make, model, and year. Advertisers who use car buying intent can show ads to customers searching for vehicles similar to the one being sold, along with pictures and pertinent information about your vehicles.

You will have to create a Google Business Profile and link it to your Google Ads account and Merchant Center account to use this feature.

Google determines vehicle information through its data partners, car manufacturers and auto dealers, and direct input from customers of the advertiser’s service or product. This information helps Google improve the quality of its customer service and product advertising.

Vehicles can be filtered by make, model, or body type. In addition, users can refine their search based on their preferences, such as vehicle color or specific features. Additionally, the user can select a preferred dealership to purchase a car from.

Benefits of using vehicle ads

There are several benefits that you can get from using vehicle ads. These include:

  1. More qualified leads: Google’s vehicle ad allows you to reach customers while they’re looking to buy a new or used car.
  2. Omnichannel goals: With this feature, your dealership can increase customer engagement and sales across your website, in-store, and at trade shows. Since these vehicles are available in your area, you can also make appointments for test drives as required.
  3. Automated targeting: Google vehicle ads allow you to segment your campaign and reach only the customers interested in your product. Your campaign can target customers by location and interest as well.
  4. Increased exposure: You can also use this feature to boost your sales and increase your brand reputation. When you display these cars on Google, they will attract more people to view them, which will raise your website’s traffic. This will eventually bring new customers to your business.

Features of vehicle ads

Google vehicle ads allow you to choose from various ad formats that you can use for your campaign. These include:

  • Carousel Ads: These cars are available in your area and can be targeted by interest. The carousel features multiple ads related to each other and links to a separate landing page with the same information contained on the ad listing. This allows Google to present more details about the vehicle without overloading users with information.
    Carousel Ads are used by car dealerships, auto manufacturers, and other businesses that want their customers to see multiple ads related to their products or services.
  • Call to action: You can also use this feature to promote your business-related products or services. This will eventually bring new customers to your business and increase sales.
  • Powered by Google: This is a carousel that features multiple ads related to your main website. It allows you to use the same landing page with different ads. These ads feature information about your business and can be used to promote new products and increase sales.
  • Map card: This is an example of Google’s efforts in the automotive field. It allows users to see available cars on a map and makes it easier to find the next one they are looking for. These cards can show battery capacity, features, fuel efficiency, and mileage. These cards are powered by Google and provide advertisers with more information about the offered cars.

Some of these features and more are still in the beta testing mode but will be available to you soon at no extra price.


The automobile industry has seen the emergence of many auto manufacturers over the past few decades. This means that car dealerships have more options for choosing from various car brands. This allows the consumer to compare different brands and their prices before making a final decision.

A study conducted by Google indicated that 80% of people are more likely to buy new cars if they are seen on Google’s website. Many companies have already started to advertise on YouTube and Facebook in the past, but this study shows how big the potential market is for other forms of advertisements.

Google can help you advertise your car dealership with vehicle ads. If you are looking for the best way to advertise your dealership and reach the maximum number of customers, use this feature. The results that it brings are guaranteed to be positive.