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Targeted mail that will bring your business instant traffic.

Multi-Channel Direct Approach

Roadmap To Success

Capturing the attention of in-market shoppers – that’s the name of the game. First, we put ourselves into their shoes. What do they eat for lunch? How many kids do they have? This allows us to create strategies by understanding the consumer and why they are in-market.

Once we’ve identified who the target audience is, that consumer is subliminally targeted with 1 to 1 messaging, from you, everywhere they turn. Just sit back and we’ll do the work. This is the way Automotive Direct Mail should be.

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Automotive BDC

T3 Marketing’s BDC department calls thousands of car-buying prospects each and every month. Our Business Development Center program allows us to manage your Direct Marketing responses the proper way by driving qualified appointments to your CRM every month.

Our Email Match Marketing strategy replicates direct mail and display advertising to familiarize the consumer with your brand and create additional relevant messaging. We are also able to alert the consumer that they will be receiving direct mail offers for their vehicle. This will drive immediate traffic to your website, drive phone calls, and appointments to your CRM.

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Automotive Direct mail

Since the consumer has already received an email from you, seen display advertising, or our other marketing services, the client will now receive a personalized direct mail letter with a special offer.

Now that we’ve planted the seed and your consumer is interested in shopping with you, a follow-up email is sent shortly after the first email and direct mail pieces were received. This email has a stronger incentive than the first email and they are being alerted of their “final notice” status.

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Dealership BDC

While all of our marketing campaigns are rolling out, our BDC team is calling the same potential customers, reaching out to your lost and inactive customers, and contacting potential service customers from your DMS.

Believe it or not, we can target the EXACT same prospecting or DMS lists that you target for direct mail and email campaigns. This method of advertising is highly effective at driving website traffic and leads.

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Automotive Analytics

Success means nothing if we can’t prove it. Our integrated reporting systems prove value on every method of advertising we use. At the end of the day, our direct mail average $375 CPU!

Why Choose T3 Marketing As Your Direct Mail Partner?

Outside of the fundamental mindset of our company (providing best-in-class experiences for our customers), the second reason our clients choose us is because of our cohesive approach and strategy for Automotive Direct Mail campaigns. We pride ourselves in knowing how to target the right audience, understanding the psychology of your customers, and then reaching them with the perfect message at the perfect time.

As a full stack agency, we are able to reach consumers with the same message across multiple communication channels for a true multi-channel experience.

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