Target your competitors' customers.

We are thrilled to introduce:

Our revolutionary mobile satellite product captures data that targets your competitors foot traffic!

A conquest program that targets actual car buyers!

The Problem

One of the problems that dealers face is identifying potential customers who are ready to buy a vehicle and delivering the right message at the right time

The Solution

The solution to this problem is GeoMAP!

Our mobile satellite technology, coupled with personalized marketing solutions, has the capability to collect data and target car “buyers” who’ve actually visited a dealership showroom

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How It Works

Our Process | 3 Simple Steps


Identify Competitors

  • Up to 12 Max
  • Same Brand Competitors


Create GeoFrame

  • We create plotting points around each dealership
  • Data is uploaded to an FTP location file every night at 12:01am


Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Deployed

  • Triggered automated
  • Direct Mailer sent out weekly
  • Retargeting Ad

Key Features & Benefits


  1. 1. Real-time location tracking technology
  2. 2. Customizable marketing campaigns
  3. 3. Detailed reporting and analytics – After 90 Days


  1. 1. Conquest Program
  2. 2. Capture market share
  3. 3. Most accurate way to identify a car buyer
  4. 4. Automated Marketing Triggers
  5. 5. Best of all, IT’S YOUR COMPETITOR!

Marketing Triggers

While we gather thousands of data points on each consumer, such as their favorite hobby, what really matters to a car dealers is how to reach them and what car they currently drive.

With our technology, we are able to collect what vehicle they are driving, their email, and mailing address.


Introduction Email

A personalized email is deployed every morning.


Direct Mail

A personalized 1st class handwritten postcard is mailed days later.


Final Notice Email

Every 3rd Monday of each month another last attempt email is deployed.


Retargeting Ad

Stay in front of them everywhere they go on the web. Your ad will increase the likelihood of conversion.

Case Study

2 Dealerships

63 Closed Transactions

$45,000 Invested

100% CONQUEST Transactions


GeoMAP is a subscription based product recurring with 30 day out

Starting Package


per month


  • Monthly Technology & Data Setup Fee:
  • $2,250 + one time setup fee $250
  • Daily or Weekly Triggered Emails up to 1000 emails & 3,000 mailers: $2,495
  • Retargeting Enhancement Not Included $595

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