Automotive Direct Marketing

Experience the power of high-frequency, multichannel targeted direct marketing that delivers instant traffic to your dealership!

Our Roadmap To Success

High-Frequency Marketing

Multi-Channel Approach

The goal is to attract the attention of shoppers who are actively looking to purchase. To accomplish this, we begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your market landscape. Our goal is to identify existing opportunities within the market. This is achieved by extracting a market potential report that precisely identifies your target audience. By obtaining insights into the demographics and characteristics of potential consumers, we can develop highly effective strategies to engage and target them successfully.

Once we have identified the target audience, we use personalized messaging to reach them wherever they are. Our approach is to deliver tailored messages, from you, that will be hard to ignore. Let us handle the work while you sit back and watch the results.

Inbound BDC

T3 Marketing’s BDC team is capable of managing thousands of calls to potential car buyers on a monthly basis. Our Business Development Center effectively handles Direct Marketing responses by scheduling regular, qualified appointments to your CRM.

Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing approach mimics the effects of direct mail and is personalized to increase authenticity, and brand awareness to increase brand awareness and provide targeted messaging. Additionally, it allows us to notify the consumer that they will be receiving direct mail offers for their vehicle, which will boost website traffic, phone calls, and appointments to your CRM.

Direct Mail Campaign

After being exposed to your brand through email, along with our other marketing channels, our other marketing efforts, the consumer will receive a customized direct mail letter featuring a special offer.

Final Notice Emails

With the consumer now interested in doing business with you, we follow up by sending a second email soon after the initial email and direct mail pieces were received. This email contains a more compelling incentive and informs them that it is their “final notice.”

Outbound BDC

As our marketing campaigns are in progress, our BDC team is simultaneously making calls to the same potential customers, reconnecting with lost and inactive customers, and reaching out to potential service customers from your DMS.

Facebook & Instagram

Surprisingly, we can target the exact same prospecting or DMS lists you use for direct mail, and email campaigns, Using Facebook & Instagram. This approach is highly effective in driving more qualified leads. Lastly, we will expand your reach by creating a Facebook event centered around our personalized messaging

ROI Reporting

Being successful is not enough if we can’t demonstrate it. Our integrated reporting systems provide evidence of the value of this high-frequency method we use. We are proud to say that our high-frequency direct marketing campaign has an average cost per unit of $285.

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Why Choose T3 Marketing As Your Direct Marketing Partner?

Our company’s core principle is to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers. Additionally, clients choose us for our cohesive strategy and expertise in direct marketing. We excel in targeting the appropriate audience, comprehending customer psychology, and delivering tailored messages at the optimal time. As a full-service agency, we provide a seamless multi-channel experience by aligning messaging across various communication channels.

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