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Advertising that drives conversions by delivering bottom funnel, high quality leads.

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The Process How It Works

  • We run the ads
  • Customer types in vehicle on Google search & your actual inventory appears in the ad space above Google’s search results, showing potential customers the specific models they’re searching for
  • We direct them to your specific VDP they are searching for with one click, driving conversions
  • Sell more cars to customers ready to buy

The benefits Why Run Google Vehicle Ads

Leads have high car shopping intent, optimized by conversions (not clicks)

You Get a lower CPC which allows more clicks for your budget

High conversion rate

Increase website traffic

Customizable ad format actions, such as tracking in-store visits

Increase your store's exposure and organic rankings

The Results Speak For Themselves What To Expect From Google Vehicle Ads

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Increase in VDP View


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Form Fills

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