Why Hiring A Full-Service Agency Is Best For Your Dealership(s)

Providing a “trusted” full-service marketing Agency for car dealerships has many added benefits when it comes to a car dealership’s growth. Notice how the word “trusted” is quoted? Although there are significant benefits to working with any marketing agency, it’s impossible to absorb these benefits if the Marketing Vendor you chose doesn’t offer a “true” full-service experience. Once you have found a trusted partner, here is what to expect.


  1. Partnership

    When there is a trusted relationship and you’ve finally found an agency that actually does what they said they would do, it should feel like you have a business partner vested in the same interests, goals, and successes (like having Your Own In-House Marketing Department). An aligned vision “together”, is the way to accomplish objectives set forth for the dealership. Another important note to add is the importance of hiring an Agency that actually has the capabilities to execute most if not ALL of the marketing mediums and allocations a Dealer wants to invest in. This helps the dealer and agency have FULL control over their marketing.

  2. Streamlining Your Marketing Strategy

    When you ask this question to a dealership, “IS YOUR MARKETING STREAMLINED?” The natural gut answer to give without actually thinking about the question is, “YES”. But how can that be? Most dealerships have a monthly Advertising Budget. Spreading that budget across multiple vendors isn’t technically streamlining your marketing. That strategy is actually the opposite. Streamlining your Marketing Strategy means making sure that all the vendors executing a dealership’s marketing campaigns are all communicating together, to make sure the message is aligned across all marketing mediums, without any target overlap. Who has time to make sure their message is being aligned and distributed across all channels without any overlap? Dealers alone physically can’t make this possible with how busy a General Manager’s (GM) day is.

  3. Saving The Dealership Time By Consolidating Vendors

    This benefit falls directly in line with the previous Streamlining Your Marketing Strategy benefit. Having the role of a GM at a dealership is an EXTREMELY time-consuming job. There’s only so much time in the day to sell or service cars. If a General Manager or Owner of a dealership is busy focusing on how they will allocate their advertising dollars, daily, or weekly, how much time would they save if someone else, say a “Partner”, focused on that for them? The answer is A LOT (by the way it’s also a lot less stressful for the GM). With that time freed up the GM can reallocate their energy towards something more important in the dealership, like selling or servicing cars.

    Another benefit of having a full-service agency consolidating your vendors is that the agency can run interference in helping to avoid a manager being sold on a product the dealership doesn’t actually need. Every company known to man has the latest, greatest, unique idea, product, or service. Let’s face it, these are just sales tricks where Executive Managers are shown the newest flashy and shiny object and more often than not, end up being sold on. Having a “Trusted Partner” with experience and as an extension of your marketing department will be able to identify who is who and what will work.

  4. Removing Overlapping & Noneffective Marketing

    When a dealership is using multiple vendors, who all compete for the same ad dollars and do not communicate to each other (probably throwing each other under the bus), how can you ensure they aren’t targeting the same people or audience? The unfortunate answer is you can’t! However, a full-service agency CAN! Your agency should be the one that is helping suppress data against each other and placing dynamic tracking numbers to each ad medium to best gauge which medium a dealership will benefit most from.

  5. Providing Unbiased Marketing Consulting

    When working with a trusted full-service agency that streamlines your marketing message, consolidates your current marketing vendors, removes overlap or non-effective marketing and provides an unbiased approach to the marketing relationship, a solid partnership between dealership and agency has been formed. When reviewing the ROI, both parties can truly analyze what is working and what is not and can then pivot towards something else successful as needed. At this point it’s about helping the dealership grow.

  6. Eliminate Marketing Waste

    The best benefit was saved for last because it sums up all the benefits in one. All the benefits above will allow a dealership to get more bang for their dollar. Imagine how many more eyes or opportunities you can get in front of if there were no overlap in your marketing. Imagine knowing what marketing mediums work consistently for your dealership. Imagine allocating the time spent on allocating marketing or ad dollars, towards another area needed in the dealership, like selling a car. All the above are just simple examples of how a dealership can eliminate waste.

In conclusion, there are many benefits once you find the right partnership to power your marketing. Many dealerships in today’s world waste a lot of money, time, and energy into their own marketing. It’s hurting their overall communication and connectivity of their marketing. It takes a team of people to win a championship. Everyone needs to have a role they can focus on. A GM or Owner who focuses their time doing it ALL sounds like an extremely stressful job. Hire people or companies that you can trust and do what they said they would do. If the visions align, and a plan in place, you will reap the benefits of “Hiring a Full-Service Agency!

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