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High Frequency Direct Marketing Campaign SEPTEMBER 2020

Post Sale Report


Total Audience Reach


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Roadmap To Success

Matching Personalized Email Marketing Campaign

Our email marketing strategy replicates the direct mail strategy. It’s personalize in the sense that a consumer believes you personally sent them a message. We are also, making the consumer aware that they will be receiving a personalized direct mail offer which explains more in depth the reason for the email. This will drive immediate traffic to your website, drive phone calls, and appointments to your CRM.

Lastly, a separate “Final Notice” Email Campaign is deployed a few days after the direct mail hits mail boxes.

Direct Mail

A personalized letter is mailed out to auto “buyers” in market. Our data allows us to personally “communicate” to someone, regarding their current auto situation. Whether you’re in a lease, or maybe an old loan, had a hardship in the past?

Our Direct Mail strategy psychologically places someone who may not be in market at the current time! It’s that powerful!

Outbound Business Development Center or BDC

Once the prior marketing mediums for the campaign are deployed, experienced automotive field agents make calls on your dealerships behalf. Our Business Development professionals ONLY goal is to add additional appointments, as many as we possibly can. We love to smile and Dial! Every appointment flows directly into your dealership’s CRM. It’s like adding icing to the cake!

  • We maximize every outbound call
  • DMS service to sales appointments
  • EVERY outbound call is recorded
  • Multiple follow-ups per day
  • In-trade cycle DMS customers
  • EVERY outbound call is recorded

Social Media or Facebook Outreach

With this type of Marketing Campaign the goal is to get the message to the consumer everywhere they turn. That includes Facebook. Not only are we displaying a matching message to the same consumer who received the 2 emails, direct mailer, and received a phone call from us, but we are also extending our “reach” to a custom audience who has shown “intent to buy”.