Preowned Sales Departments Are Booming!

The pandemic has shifted a lot of businesses in places they are not familiar with. Have you maximized your preowned business?

Internal research is showing that preowned strategies are driving major growth during the pandemic! Typically our clients have a small focus on preowned car sales, but now that demand is higher, they are crushing the competition!

We use a pandemic analogy to explain this effect on why some dealerships are dominating in the auto industry currently:
Restaurant owners who were organically selling through home delivery methods prior to pandemic/shutdown were the ones that stayed in business and dominated the competition during the shutdown! The restaurants that catered to “dining in only”, are struggling to make ends meet.

If you are a dealership who didn’t experience record sales in June and/or July, I would highly suggest that you dig into the foundation of your business.

  • Analyze your inventory mix every month (you’ll need cars to execute a plan to sell)
  • Analyze your current multichannel advertising (most of our clients are spending less and selling more due to demand)
  • Analyze your leads and where they are coming from(do you have enough?)
  • Analyze your lead processes(how are your staff or business development reps managing and nurturing your leads?)
  • Analyze the showroom show rate to appointments (This can potentially help you optimize your closing strategy)
  • Analyze your overall return on investment (ROI)

Can’t do this on your own? Sounds like a lot? T3 can help you through this important process.

Stop wasting your money.

By utilizing all of T3 Marketing’s targeting solutions for preowned car sales, you will be able to drive more sales, book more service appointments, and finance more shoppers than ever before. After implementing these strategies, our clients instantly see more qualified leads, less ad spend waste, and continuous dealership growth.

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