High Frequency Direct Marketing Campaign MARCH 2020

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Roadmap To Success

Email Match Marketing

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox… hundreds right? As a normal consumer, people are beginning to ignore more and more messaging every day. The reason this is happening, is because people have been submitting their emails to hundreds or thousands of companies for years. It’s very easy to get lost in a sea of emails unless you ahcieve one CRITICAL objective: BE RELEVANT.

Our Email Match Marketing strategy replicates direct mail and display advertising to familiarize the consumer with your brand and create additional relevant messaging. We are also able to alert the consumer that they will be receiving direct mail offers for THEIR VEHICLE. This will drive immediate traffic to your website, drive phone calls, and appointments to your CRM.

Outbound BDC

  • Maximize every outbound call
  • Internet leads with multiple follow-ups per day
  • Campaigns: Agency provided data, direct mail, 3rd party lead providers
  • Missed appointments/follow ups CRM integration
  • In-trade cycle DMS customers
  • DMS service to sales appointments