The RIGHT way to target on Facebook

Automotive Facebook

Are you tired of feeling like you aren’t getting your money’s worth on Facebook and Instagram marketing?

This is a common issue that we hear all the time: “I just don’t see the real value”. Well T3 Marketing has answers. Most advertisers only use the basic functionality of Facebook & Instagram. This is very basic “interest” based targeting and just does not cut it when trying to target strategically. T3 Marketing offers a variety of targeting that uses REAL intent-based data such as Polk Automotive Owner/Shopper data, Visa/Transunion financial data, and much more!

These are some of the ways that T3 Marketing is changing the way car dealerships increases revenue:

In-Market Audiences: With T3, you can target people who have been identified as in-the-market for vehicles – but we go much more granular than that. Our dealerships are able to target makes (such as Honda or Toyota shoppers), vehicle ownership age (such as bought a vehicle 3 years ago), style (such as pickup truck shoppers), and much more.

Financing: As part of your sales strategy, offering financing options is huge for your dealership. We can help you target people who are subprime, people who are actively researching car loans, and household incomes.

Service: Service is one of the largest areas for growth in a car dealership. We offer a variety of targeting for service campaigns including vehicle make owners (people who own a Honda or Toyota etc.) and people who spend a lot of money at repair shops (people who are always upgrading their vehicles).

Stop wasting your money.

By utilizing all of T3 Marketing’s targeting solutions for Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to drive more sales, book more service appointments, and finance more shoppers than ever before. After implementing these strategies, our clients instantly see more qualified leads, less ad spend waste, and continuous dealership growth.

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