Automotive Manufacturer Co-op Marketing Reimbursements


An Essential Guide for Dealerships

In the competitive world of automotive sales, it is crucial for dealerships to have a robust marketing strategy. However, the cost of marketing can be a major challenge, particularly for small or independent dealerships. This is where automotive manufacturer co-op marketing reimbursements come into play.

What are Automotive Manufacturer Co-op Marketing Reimbursements?

Automotive manufacturers often offer co-op marketing programs to help their dealerships promote their brands and products. Co-op marketing is a partnership between the manufacturer and the dealership, where the manufacturer reimburses the dealership for a portion of the cost of approved marketing activities.

The purpose of co-op marketing is to increase brand awareness and drive sales, benefiting both the manufacturer and the dealership. The reimbursement can be used for various marketing initiatives, including advertising, direct mail, website development, and more.

How do Co-op Marketing Reimbursements Work?

Each automotive manufacturer has its own co-op marketing program guidelines and requirements. Dealerships must follow these guidelines to ensure that their marketing activities are eligible for reimbursement.

Typically, the manufacturer will provide a co-op marketing manual outlining the program rules, reimbursement rates, and eligible marketing activities. Dealerships must submit their marketing plans and activities to the manufacturer for approval before starting the campaign.

Once the manufacturer approves the campaign, the dealership can begin the marketing activities and incur the associated costs. The dealership will then submit a reimbursement request, along with receipts and other required documentation, to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will review the request and provide reimbursement for the approved amount.

Benefits of Co-op Marketing Reimbursements for Dealerships

Co-op marketing reimbursements can provide several benefits for dealerships, including:

Reduced Marketing Costs

Co-op marketing reimbursements can help dealerships reduce their marketing costs and promote their brand and products more effectively.

Increased Brand Awareness

Co-op marketing activities can increase brand awareness and drive sales for both the manufacturer and the dealership.

Access to Professional Marketing Support

Co-op marketing programs often provide access to professional marketing support and resources, which can be beneficial for small or independent dealerships.

Improved ROI

Co-op marketing activities can improve the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns, as the manufacturer reimburses a portion of the marketing costs.


In conclusion, automotive manufacturer co-op marketing reimbursements are an essential tool for dealerships to promote their brand and products effectively. By following the manufacturer’s guidelines and requirements, dealerships can reduce their marketing costs, increase brand awareness, and improve their ROI. Contact your manufacturer’s marketing department to learn more about their co-op marketing program and how it can benefit your dealership.