5 Ways To Amplify Your Dealership’s Reviews


Online reviews are critical. Revolutionary right? We understand that most dealers have been collecting digital reviews for almost a decade. However, we must ask what happens to the Dealership’s reviews after collecting them. Although many of our dealers have amassed hundreds, if not thousands, of positive reviews and ratings from consumers on external platforms, only a few feature the clients’ reviews on their websites and digital advertisements. Nowadays, prospective customers are looking for assurances of your service’s reliability, quality, and ease of use. There’s no better way to provide them with that than with excellent reviews and ratings.


Employing your most influential supporters on your platforms makes sense if you want to increase credibility and convince customers to buy from you. Although most dealers argue that customers can easily find their ratings on DealerRater, Cars.com, Google, and Yelp, accumulating reviews on other platforms is just the first step. If you don’t showcase the excellent recommendations yourself, you’re wasting a golden chance to improve your organic marketing by gaining trust with more customers. Here are five simple strategies for making your satisfied customers’ opinions heard in more places than online review platforms.

Here are the 5 ways you can amplify your dealership’s reviews

Build On Your Reputation

It would be best to showcase that your reputation is your most prized possession. Now that your rating system is rock solid, it’s time to show off your stars on your website. We propose these tried-and-true methods to our customers since they provide excellent results with little investment of time and money – and we can handle the latter for you.

Make Your Satisfied Customers The Stars of Your Homepage

A website’s homepage is often a company’s initial point of contact with potential customers, so every phrase must entice visitors to make a purchase. At T3 Marketing, we have discovered that reviews are an excellent method to immediately get your website’s first-time visitors interested and comfortable with you. A statement from a recent review and a link to read additional reviews, displayed prominently in a slider on the homepage, sends a strong message to potential customers about the kind of experience they can expect.

People will feel more at ease with your team and track record of success once they realize that you value their opinions and take pride in your years of expertise. Additionally, there are tools that T3 Marketing can install directly on your website that will automatically update your site’s reviews, so visitors will always see the most recent testimonials. Displaying these most recent testimonials at each website visit is a great way to build credibility and confidence with your customers.

Provide Individual Landing Pages For Ratings and Reviews and Establish a Page For Gathering Reviews

Have a page on your website that compiles your dealership’s four and 5-star ratings from Google, Facebook, Cars.com and DealerRater so your customers can easily access them. Creating a dedicated landing page for your reviews helps your SEO efforts, boosts user engagement and time spent on the website, and allows you a central location to display and seek feedback on your products and services.

Having all of your most positive reviews in one spot makes it simple to gain credibility. Hence, T3 Marketing suggests sharing a link to this page with any prospects you may be pursuing. It’s a confidence booster that could seal the deal.

48% of consumers feel that reviews must be less than two weeks old to influence their purchasing decisions. Creating a system to generate reviews on your website makes it simple to integrate the feature into your workflow and advertising campaigns. Promote your presence on the most vital channels, and let your customers provide feedback on their preferred channels.

If you want to encourage happy customers to offer feedback after driving home their brand-new vehicle, here is the place to do it. Send them a message with a link to this landing page once they’ve had some time to enjoy their new car. We suggest messaging during the first 24-48 hours. Most of the time, that’s enough. However, if you want that text message to result in a favorable review, it helps to add an image. Our research discovered that picture-accompanying review requests result in reviews in 50% of cases. You can easily acquire positive feedback from satisfied customers by sending them a simple text message that includes a picture and a link to a well-designed landing page.

Feature Your Best-Rated Salespeople

Introduce your top-rated salespeople on your staff page and VDPs, creating one-on-one interactions with your digital showroom. Leads created through this method have a greater close rate than conventional website leads because customers can pick whom they want to work with and schedule meetings directly on your website, increasing the likelihood that shoppers will show up and make a purchase.

Increase The Impact of Your Advertisements by Using Promoters

When it comes to advertising, nothing surpasses the reviews of satisfied customers. A happy customer’s word-of-mouth recommendation holds much more weight than any advertisement. As an alternative to tooting your own horn or providing an unbeatable deal, T3 Marketing proposes integrating reviews into your digital advertising initiatives. They are effective and cost nothing. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Promote your store’s unique selling points on social media

Create a social media campaign geared at in-market customers in your area who may not be familiar with your dealership.

Feature reviews in your Google Ads

Including reviews in sponsored search advertisements is a simple method to increase conversions. Using the Google ad extension, you may display your Google Ads’ star rating and the total number of reviews. However to activate this extension, your dealership has to have received at least 100 reviews from separate customers in the preceding 12 months.

Adding a site link to the review aggregation page on your website is another way to provide more context about your dealership’s reputation in your paid search advertisements.

Allow T3 Marketing To Elevate Your Hard-Earned Reputation

Working together, we can accentuate your dealership’s stellar reputation, which is your business’s most significant asset. Contact us today to see what we can do to make your well-deserved reviews translate into bottom-line outcomes via one of the proven successful methods discussed above.

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